Data Warehouse Automation

>> Data Warehouse Automation with Microsoft Business Intelligence Data Platform


We reinvent the Data thinking…

-Cognitive/declarative Solutions

-Agile & Scalable

-Cut the TCO

Data Warehouse Auotmation the cognitive process

Data Warehouse Automation replaces individual consulting services through automation in a software tool. It’s a disruptive technology you should not miss. The main differentiator of our product is that we not only generate the different Data Warehouse layers (Stage, Core, View) we also generated Cubes, Tabular and Power BI Desktop Files which are derived from the DWH! We Support of all current scientific approaches for the creation and maintenance of DWHs and data marts (Data Vault, Kimball).


  • Significant reduction of time duration and efforts
  • Reduction of project costs and annual maintenance expenses (total TCO).
  • Increased safety during Project planning. The costs and the time needed are more predictable.
  • High security and increased quality in the utilization of the company data required for decision-making
  • Reduce the complexity of business intelligence / business analytics / performance management / data warehousing / big data projects
  • Independent of external consulting experience
  • No dramatic effects on staff turnover
  • Each DWH expert has different ideas of a DWH model, AC standardizes this procedure
  • Better data quality and traceability of changes, thus ensuring greater certainty with regard to basis for decisions and compliance
  • Faster implementation of changes (agility)
  • Basis for the implementation of digitization through data usage and data analysis

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