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“I love the waterfall chart you created :-)”

“I just played with the visual, it looks great!”

“We as customers were super satisfied with your work but also with your kind uncomplicated problems to tackle and also in the shortest time to solve. For me this was always a great partnership”

“let me thank you very much for all the work you did for us. It was really a pleasure to work with a such an expert like you”

“Ich möchte an dieser Stelle nochmals betonen, dass ich unsere Zusammenarbeit als sehr gut und positiv empfunden habe. Es war eine echte Freude Sie kennengelernt zu haben und Sie im Projekt als ordnende Hand im Hintergrund zu wissen, die steuert und zusammenhält, wenn und wo nötig. Das hat geholfen. Es war sehr angenehm, Themen immer offen ansprechen zu können und zu wissen, dass “auf der anderen Seite” sich jemand darum kümmert. Vielen Dank nochmals.”

“I am writing to you after completion of this exhausting but productive two week exhausted workshop with your three colleagues, and would like to thank them for their big support on our project. We had very fierce discussion during the workshop, but still, honestly and fairly, we are impressed not only by renovative standardized and simplified concept/process on DWH and model design as a whole product, but also by clever and careful dealing with details as pieces of our big product. We appreciate it and are looking forward to continuous smooth cooperation with your company!”

Dezember 2016 – 4th Power BI User Group Meetup

“Excellent initiative. Enthusiasm and passion for Power BI was fanastic. Great host and useful presentation during the session. Catching up with latest development then moving to IoT and then showing what can be done outside the current visualizations with hard work and creative mind !! Cheers to the team for great job.”

Chris Webb Blog – I was quite impressed by this Power BI Chart